You may be asking… Why Do We WALK?

Walk for Adoption Chicago began in November of 2010 with the purpose of celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month. The Walk was designed to share with the community the beautiful option that adoption can be for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy.

The Walk for Adoption Chicago mission is to:

  • Promote both a positive view of adoption and positive adoption language.
  • Walk annually in celebration and support of birth families and their loving decisions to place their child with another family.
    Give children that have been adopted the opportunity to associate with children that may have similar life situations.
  • Assist families in building a strong network of people that can share foster care/adoption resources and help others through the adoption/foster care process.
  • Offer participants a wide array of adoption resources and educational materials from a variety of sources.
  • Offer ideas for adoption advocacy practices within personal communities.
  • Share personal stories of hope, patience, and comfort with those who are WALKING A SIMILAR PATH.